Merged Infile Credit Reports

Credit Bureau Services, Inc. has affiliate memberships with Equifax, Experian and Trans Union, the three national repositories of consumer credit information.  You may request a one, two or three bureau credit report.  Our software will automatically, within seconds, pull the credit reports and merge all duplicate credit ratings into one easy-to-read format.  Credit reports can be formatted in any method you are accustomed to: descending balance order, alphabetically or in any of the eight sorting preferences available.

Interfaces are also available for the most popular Loan Origination Software packages including Calyx (Point), Contour, Genesis and Byte.  


Great Customer Service!

Credit Bureau Services, Inc. is a leader in customer service. You will find our staff to be fast, helpful and courteous when requesting RMCR's. VOM's, VOR's, Updates, Decodes, etc... In addition, when you call Credit Bureau Services, Inc. you are not going to be transferred many times and you won't get someone's voice mail. You'll get a real, live, helpful person every time you call.


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