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Point Embedded Interface

The Point Embedded interface allows you to send and receive borrower data within Calyx Point. Click here for the PDF version of the instructions.

Ordering Credit Reports

After you have setup your account to use the Point Embedded Interface, it can be easily accessible from within the Point application. If you have not setup your account to use the Point Embedded interface please contact to your Credit Reporting Agency to do so.

Preparing the Borrower File

To start, first launch Point.  Then, open or create a borrower file.  Your borrower file must have the borrower's full name, social security number, and present address filled out to work with Point Embedded Interface.  When you have finished editing the borrower's information, save the file.

Point Borrower Info screen

Finding and Launching the Interface

To use the Point Embedded Interface to order a credit report for this borrower, first select  Services then select Credit Reports and then Request Credit

Interface menu


Requesting Report

The Credit Report Request  dialog box will open.  The information required by the Point Embedded Interface will already be populated in the form.  Verify that the consumer information was correctly populated before continuing.  Select your Credit Reporting Agency, select what type of report and what bureau(s) you want and click on the Submit button to open the login screen.

UNDER CREDIT AGENCY - SELECT "Credit Bureau Svcs - Ft Lauderdale FL"

Interfaces Dialog


Your CRA's login dialog box should pop up.  Enter in your Login and Password and click on the OK button to order the report.


A Credit Report Retrieval dialog box should pop up showing you the status of the report being ordered.

Point Agent Login



Importing to Point

Once your report has been successfully ordered, a Populate Liabilities dialog box should be displayed with the liabilities showing.  Click on the Populate button to export the liabilities into Calyx Point.

AgentLink Duplicate Report


Order Results

Once the liabilities are imported the Credit Report is displayed.

New Report screen


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