Cutting Edge Technology!

Welcome to credit reports through the internet, provided by Credit Bureau Services, Inc. Our cutting edge technology (MCI system) is so simple to use, it's as easy as point, click, and type. It is not necessary for us to load any software on your system to pull credit reports. Everything is done using a web browser. Here is a step-by-step breakdown showing how to pull a credit report using only your web browser.  

Great Customer Service!

Credit Bureau Services, Inc. is a leader in customer service. You will find our staff to be fast, helpful and courteous when requesting RMCR's. VOM's, VOR's, Updates, Decodes, etc... In addition, when you call Credit Bureau Services, Inc. you are not going to be transferred many times and you won't get someone's voice mail. You'll get a real, live, helpful person every time you call.


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