AOL Users

Here are additional instructions for AOL users, after you've followed the Installation Instructions and installed Internet Explorer.

Open up AOL and sign in as normal.  After you've signed in, MINIMIZE AOL.  Do NOT close AOL.  The minimize button is the - or dash or small underline icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  You need to leave AOL open as that is your portal to the internet.

Once you've minimized AOL, double click the Internet Explorer icon and follow the directions in HOW TO PULL A CREDIT REPORT.


Great Customer Service!

Credit Bureau Services, Inc. is a leader in customer service. You will find our staff to be fast, helpful and courteous when requesting RMCR's. VOM's, VOR's, Updates, Decodes, etc... In addition, when you call Credit Bureau Services, Inc. you are not going to be transferred many times and you won't get someone's voice mail. You'll get a real, live, helpful person every time you call.


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